Brainy - a mascot for migraine

Design of "Brainy" - an assistant and mascot for the migraine app

Newsenselab GmbH
April 2022
Motion Design
Lottie Animations
Brainy - a mascot for migraine

About the Project

The digital mascot "Brainy" motivates you to find the right exercises for you from the extensive range and to stay on the ball.

Brainy is an empathic little character that looks different every day and also reflects a patient's well-being. It is an optimistic assistant that supports navigating through tough times.

Brainy - a mascot for migraine
Brainy - a mascot for migraine

Project Execution

To increase the depth of the character and make it more engaging, the framework Lottie was used to put it into motion. In total more than 350 6-seconds loop were created to keep patients engaged and to support the positive framing of the migraine app.

The character is kept as simple as possible to reduce computing capacity on the client side. Also the animations are very slow to calm the viewer.

Brainy - a mascot for migraine

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