Mimi Music

Mimi Music elevates listening experience based on personalised sound

Mimi Hearing Tech
April 2016
Product Design
App, Branding
Mimi Music

About the Project

Everyone listens differently, with Mimi Music they will be able to elevate their listening experience based on personalised sound. Mimi Sound Personalization is a unique processing technology that replicates the way the human ear works. It adapts the audio signal to a user’s hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing.

Mimi Music was initially a showcase app to explain how to personalise sound based on a hearing profile. To increase popularity of the technology Mimi Music was launched globally and made it possible to connect with Spotify, Soundcloud and Mimi Music. Through a simplified interface you could fade between the original and the "minified" sound.

Mimi Music
Mimi Music

Project Execution

Users can personalise their hearing in two easy steps. First take an "earprint", a simple hearing test - then choose a track and enjoy personalised hearing. The user is also able to fine-tune the processing of the sound.

Mimi Music was part of a prevention program in Germany done with the BARMER health insurance and supported by the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BzgA).

Mimi Music

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