Mimi Hearing Test

The Mimi Hearing Test is the easiest way to assess your hearing ability.

Mimi Hearing Tech
April 2017
App Redesign
App, Rebranding
Mimi Hearing Test

About the Project

Mimi tests your ears, protects your ears, and adjusts sound to your ears. Mimi is a revolutionary hearing technology that uses advanced algorithms to measure and analyze your hearing. It then creates a personalized sound profile that is tailored to your individual hearing needs. Mimi also provides real-time feedback to protect your ears from loud sounds and adjust sound to your ears.

Mimi is an online hearing test that uses a combination of sound tests and questionnaires to accurately measure your hearing. It is designed to be convenient and easy to use, with results that are both accurate and tangible. The test takes just a few minutes to complete and provides you with a personalized report.

Mimi Hearing Test
Mimi Hearing Test

Project Execution

I led the end-to-end design of various versions of the Mimi Hearing Test from 0.1 to 4.0 in 2017. Conducted and analyzed  250+ in-person user-interviews to drive product-decisons and product discovery.

Designed and iterated on the global launched Mimi Hearing Test, that made more than 1.5 million people doing a hearing test.

Mimi Hearing Test

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